Introducing the new books from Veer2!
Veer2 004 – Dom Hale – Civilian Lyrics
Veer2 005 – Rosie Snajdr – Whorl The Prudident Slipt
Veer2 006 – Tom Betteridge - Mudchute
Veer2 007 – Gizem Okulu - Now, Voyager
Veer2 008 – Katy Lewis Hood – Bugbear
Veer2 009 – Daniel Spicer – Bracken
Veer2 010 – Koshka Duff – an inquiry into how to live when the future is foreclosed
Veer2 013 – Rupsa Banerjee - Bracing Warmth

Forthcoming from Veer2 very soon:
Steve McCaffery - Carnival
Fred Spoliar - Goodlands
Ellen Dillon  - Butter Intervention
Robert Kiely - Gelpack Allegory
Juha Virtanen - DOOM ENGINES
Bill Griffiths - Our Winter Game
Isobel Armstrong - Salomé Elegies

Welcome to Veer2!
Veer2 is a new venture from Veer Books, with a new sub-series editor, Robert Kiely, and a whole new set of books and pamphlets.

Veer2, Veer squared, the veering of Veer, a veneer laid across a Veer.
This is a shared exploration, in timbres of excitement, of what might be the same and what might be new in poetry.

Veer Books will continue in its own right, publishing significant reprints (such as Maggie O'Sullivan's Murmur, Bob Cobbing and Robert Sheppard's Collaborations and Steve McCaffery's Carnival) as well as the occasional new text (such as the new book from MJ Weller, Metrobolist7). Click here to access the Veer Books website.