Introducing the new books from Veer2!
Veer2 014 – Robert Kiely - Gelpack Allegory
Veer2 015
Veer2 016
– Sam Wilson Fletcher - NAPEN
Veer2 018
– Andy Spragg - OoP
Veer2 021
– Dolly Rae Star – Quest)ion)
Veer2 022
– Grace Linden - WELL
Veer 097
– Isobel Armstrong - Salomé Elegies

Forthcoming from Veer and Veer2 very soon:
Veer 100 - César Vallejo - Trilce (Translated with glosses by William Rowe and Helen Dimos)
V2 017 - Cassandra Troyan - Against Capture
V2 019 - Ali Graham - Shop Talk
V2 020 - Janani Ambikapathy - If Not Theirs
V2 023 - Aaron Kent/John Welson - A Requiem for Bioluminescence
V2 024 - Ziddy Ibn Sharam - Working Museum
V2 025 - Kexin Huang - Unlock
V2 026 - Naomi Weber - Women on Film
V2 027 - Kat Dixon-Ward - Pond PoemsMaggie O'Sullivan - Palace of Reptiles
Bob Cobbing - the five vowelsSean Bonney - Astrophil and Stella
Sean Bonney - from the book of living or dying
Gilbert Adair - h c e
Aodán McCardle - LllOovVee/Forbid me my love
Christodoulos Makris - Contemporaneous Brand Strategy Document

Welcome to Veer2!
Veer2 is a new venture from Veer Books, with a new sub-series editor, Verity Spott, who takes over from Robert Kiely (who we are very pleased is staying on as an overall Veer editor). Verity will introduce and oversee a whole new series of Veer2 books and pamphlets. Veer2 editors will also introduce new Veer2 publications as well.

Veer2, Veer squared, the veering of Veer, a veneer laid across a Veer.
This is a shared exploration, in timbres of excitement, of what might be the same and what might be new in poetry.

Veer Books, of course, continue in its own right, publishing significant reprints (such as Maggie O'Sullivan's Palace of Reptiles, Bob Cobbing's the five vowels, Steve McCaffery's Carnival, Bill Griffiths' Our Winter Game, Sean Bonney's Astrophil and Stella and from the book of living or dying) as well as new texts (such as the new bookS from Isobel Armstong, Salomé Elegies, Aodán McCardle's LllOovVee/Forbid me my love, Gilbert Adair's h c e and César Vallejo's Trilce (Translated with glosses by William Rowe and Helen Dimos).

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