Grace Linden - WELL
Veer2 Publication 022 [ISBN: 978-1-911567-44-8] 8.5x6.87"s landscape  size. 32 pages. July 2022.
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Grace Linden - WELL

'Grace Linden’s Well is a lustrous bestiary of the unsaid, in which speech is a welling up around the mouth and eyes fall behind themselves. I love how its well-ness is also a kind of katabasis, down into the blood of the obvious and dailiness that exceeds the parentheses of night and day. Reading it feels like being atomically jostled into a vivid and alarming encounter with everything. 

- Daisy Lafarge, author of Life Without Air

The immersive poems in Well are never still but always carrying us along in a stream of sonic associations “shaking like a life”. In these alchemical rivers the self dissolves and is dissolved by elemental landscapes, inside to outside - and outside to inside. After falling into these impressive and captivating poems I can’t wait to read what Grace Linden writes next.

- Lucy Mercer, author of Emblem'

This is part of a series of works organised by Robert Kiely for Veer2, produced and published jointly in the University of Surrey and the CPRC, Birkbeck College.

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