Ellen Dillon - Butter Intervention
Veer2 Publication 011 [ISBN: 978-1-911567-30-1] 6 x 11cms size. 140 pages.
February 2022. 
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Ellen Dillon - Butter Intervention

Nothing less than a history of Ireland sculpted in semi-solid emulsion, ‘Butter Intervention’ is sceptical about narratives and their revisions alike, as refined and as salty as the creamery product it subjects to forensic documentary survey and lyrical deconstruction.

- Kit Fryatt

Ellen Dillon takes the everyday and reveals it as strange, beautiful, poetic and political. I never realised before how much I needed to know about butter. And now I do, I’m grateful and amazed.

- Wendy Erskine

This is part of a series of works organised by Robert Kiely for Veer2, produced and published jointly in the University of Surrey and the CPRC, Birkbeck College.

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