Dominic Hand - SYMBIONT

Veer2 Publication 003 [ISBN: 978-1-911567-17-2] 5.5 x 8.5” size. 64 pages.
December 2020.
£4.00 (+ postage and packing)

"These sonnets are strenuously ordered by traditional lineation and near-rhyme; but the cadastral envelopes compose an exotic material world-order and the lexicon is extensively far-fetched. The line-turnings are scarce mollified by expectation, insistently granular and undisturbed by punctuation or (except in captions) by upper-case usage. A dense jungle of hyper-variegated vocabulary, syntax exempt from phrasal interference, at minimum holds these poems into their sequence and outreach; they are a clear benefit to read and ponder, persistently revisited by unexpected discoveries."
– J. H. Prynne

"Breaking out of the burdens of contemporary pastoral, these sonnets reprocess scientific and technological jargon with the force of poetic neologism across networks of association. Apparent prose sound-offs are held in suspension by strongly resurfacing metrics, half-buried iambics and defiant couplet-echoes. Ultimately, Symbiont intensifies its anger on behalf of a new lyrical counter-expansion of ecological resources, while finding space for deep and wishful interludes amid terrestrial trauma."
– Peter Larkin

This is part of a new series of Veer Books to be produced and published jointly in the University of Surrey and the CPRC, Birkbeck College.

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