Aaron Kent & John Welson - Requiem for Bioluminescence
Veer2 Publication 023 [ISBN: 978-1-911567-48-6] A5  size. 42 pages. August 2022.
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Aaron Kent & John Welson - Requiem for Bioluminescence

'In the labyrinth of meaning, the poem is an anglerfish, a lure for the unknown. Here are two dream catchers: Kent labors words with splendid matters, Welson curves the horizon vertically. Both of them belong to the abyssal world of invention from where a creative light emanates to aid the reader to illuminate his surroundings. The connivance between them puts the words in forms and forms into words. So, all you need, reader, is reflection and absorbing in order to collect the splinters of your life. Analogy is not a metaphor. Down with thesaurus! 

— Abdul Kader El-Janabi, author of Le Désir Libertaireg

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